Seasonal Dance Classes

These 12 week recreational classes run in 2 semesters through the dance season, one in the Fall/Winter and the second in the Winter/Spring.  The Sessional classes are tailored to the younger recreational dancer that would like to try out a dance style or continue in a form they enjoy, without the full year commitment.

Each Session is 12 weeks in length – $285

* Prices include GST
** Sibling and Multiple Class Discounts available and assessed and applied after registration

Fairytale Magic | Ages 2.5-3 (30 min)

An enchanting introduction to dance! Using the Royal Academy of Dance’s Pre-School Dance Syllabus “Dance to Your Own Tune”, this UN-PARENTED class offers an introduction to bodily movement through imagination, stories, and dress-up. This class is for children who are 3 who are ready for an unparented class, and will be turning 4 during the year.

Hippity Hop | Ages 3-4 & Ages 3-6 (30 min)

A fun, high-energy intro to dance class for boys & girls. This class is an introduction to the basic elements of Hip Hop, Funk & Creative Movement. This class will help develop basic hand eye coordination and body awareness & is full of rhythm, games, simple choreography and high-energy craziness all set to cool funky music! If your child loves movin’ and groovin’ have him/her hippity hop into this class.

Preschool Ballet | Ages 3-5 (30 min)

As the second level of the Royal Academy of Dance’s Pre-School Dance Syllabus “Dance to Your Own Tune”, this UN-PARENTED class offers wonderful pretend adventures, stories, and music exploration, all the while learning basic ballet technique.

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Full Year Seasonal & Competitive Dance Classes

Full year seasonal classes are for the dancer who is looking to progress more rapidly in their dance training.  Ranging in all forms of dance styles and ages, our full year dance classes are focused on providing quality instruction throughout the entire dance season (September to June).  Dancers registered in the full year program will work on dance technique in their specified genre, with continual progression through the year.  All full year dance classes will also learn a choreographed group piece in their class time, culminating with a performance of this routine at the Year-End Recital in June.

Similar to our full year seasonal dance program, the Competitive stream are full year classes geared to a committed dancer with competition as one of their goals.  Dancers registered in the Competitive program will not only perform their class routine at the Year-End Recital, but will also participate with their class performance piece in at least one (1) competition or festival in the season.

Classes Run from September to June
$60.00 per month with a $55.00 Costume deposit per class.

* Prices include GST
** Full Year Dance & Competitive classes subject to additional fees
*** Combo price discounts available for Full Year classes and assessed and applied after registration and classes finalized (per child)
**** Sibling and Multiple Class Discounts available and assessed and applied after registration

Combo Dance Discounts

Any 3 Classes – 10% Off
Any 4 Classes – 12% Off
Any 5 Classes – 15% Off
Any 6+ Classes – 20% Off

Acro | Ages 7+

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.

**Restrictions Pre-Jr, Jr & Int Acro – must be registered in Ballet & Jazz for their appropriate level and age.

Ballet | Classes, Ages, and Times Vary

Following the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) syllabus, dancers develop physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles. This strong technical foundation, knowledge of terminology, and body placement is essential to any dancer and other dance genres. Using tried and true syllabus set by the Royal Academy of Dance, these classes provide a broad practical dance education, progressively developing the technical, musical and performance skills.

Please note, all dancers registered in Grade 1 and higher ballet classes, will participate in yearly ballet examinations.

Jazz | Classes, Ages and Time Vary

Jazz is an upbeat and technical dance form that involves fast-paced movement, including kicks, turns, jumps, sharp body actions and a whole lot of style!  Often incorporating other forms of dance, such as hip hop and street jazz, along with the technical foundations of ballet, Jazz provides a well-rounded learning opportunity for the dancer.

Following the A.D.A.P.T. jazz syllabus, dancers registering in Grade 1 and higher, will also participate in yearly exams and are required to take the congruent Ballet class with their grade (ie. Gr. 1 Ballet and Gr. 1 Jazz).

Musical Theatre | Ages 5-7 (45 Mins)

Song, dance and acting all combine in an exciting class designed to help your dancer become a triple threat. Learn different storylines and songs from classic Broadway Musicals.

Tap Dance | Classes, Ages and Time Vary

The feet form sounds and patterns to achieve rhythm, timing and coordination. Your feet will make the music. This class trains in the ADAPT syllabus and is perfect for those musical children who like to make NOISE!! Dancers registered in Grade 1 Tap and higher, will participate in yearly examinations.

Competitive Classes – Fall 2017

  • Grade 3 Ballet / Ages 9 – 10
    Classes are twice a week
  • Grade 4 Ballet / Ages 11 – 13
    Classes are twice a week
  • Grade 3+ Contemp
  • Competitive Highland / Ages 7+
    Restriction Gr. 3 + Contemporary – must also be registered in Gr. 3 or 4 Ballet
  • Inter Hip Hop / Ages 12+
  • Grade 3 Jazz / Ages 9 – 10
    Restriction Gr. 3 Jazz – must also be registered in Gr. 3 Ballet
  • Grade 5 Jazz / Ages 11 – 13
    Restriction Gr. 5 Jazz – must also be registered in Gr. 5 Ballet
  • Grade 4 Lyrical / Ages 9 – 13
    Restriction Gr. 4 Lyrical – must also be registered in Gr. 4 Ballet & Jazz
  • Grade 3 Tap / Ages 7 – 11
  • Grade 5 Tap / Ages 12+

Performance Troupe

Performance Troupe is a program specifically designed for the highly dedicated and more elite dancer. Entry into this program is by INVITATION ONLY.  Dancers will be invited to participate in this program following an Audition and Evaluation process based on attitude, attendance, commitment, and ability.  Dancers will be required to take specific Competitive classes, along with the Troupe class.

Troupe dancers will be mixed in age and level and will be chosen for various Competition routines according to the choreographer’s vision.

*Competitive and Troupe classes require a strong level of commitment, time and effort from both dancers and parents.
**Full Year classes Gr. 1 and higher will also participate in dance examinations for Ballet, Jazz and Tap.
*** Troupe – must take Ballet, Jazz, and at least one other discipline (Acro, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary)

Classes Run from September to June
$80.00 per month with a $55.00 Costume deposit per class.

* Prices include GST
** Classes subject to additional fees
***Combo price discounts available for Full Year classes and assessed and applied after registration and classes finalized

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Adult Dance and Fitness Classes

Brite Studios offers a variety of classes for adults in our open and spacious facility.  Dancers will have a chance to de-stress, work on stretching and breathing techniques that will assist in general health and wellness.

Browse our collection of programs and register directly online.


* Prices include GST

Adult Experienced Dance

This technique class is designed for the adult dancer that has previous dance experience looking to get back into the swing of things or continue training on a recreational basis.  Disciplines taught will vary according to student enrollment and requests.  Choice of genres will include: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Highland.

Adult Beginner Dancer

As the name suggests, this class is for the adult student that has always wanted to dance or try it out, but has little to no previous training or experience.  Dancers will learn the basics of ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and lyrical/contemporary!  Class content and genre of dance style will be determined in conjunction with attendees and the instructor, providing a general overview of multiple elements.

Adult Hip Hop

Do you have a natural groove within you that is bursting to get out?  Do you want to have some moves to “kill it” out on the dance floor?  Then this class is for you!!  For the beginner to experienced adult dancer, this class will focus on the history, various styles and groove of Hip Hop dance.  Students will learn the basics and development of hip hop dance steps in the multiple genres that hip hop encompasses, along with working and feeling the rhythm and “swagga” this style provides.  Come get your groove on!!

Adult Zumba

Zumba is a dance fitness program that combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system.  Perfect for everyone and every BODY, this class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on!

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