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Preschool Programs

Throughout the year:

  • Full and Half Day classes with a range of start times to accommodate schedules
  • Montessori only Classroom
  • Full Day program for 3-5 year olds. Two of our full day programs offer 30 minutes of French or Spanish language daily
  • Full Day Preschool classes

The early years in a child’s life set the tone for future learning. At Brite Studios we stay current with research in child development so that we are able to build a foundation for each child that lasts a lifetime. Our curriculum is designed with specific objectives for each age level and child; with the following goals are incorporated into every classroom:

  • Developing safe and healthy habits in young children.
  • Fostering positive self-esteem.
  • Providing opportunities for creative expression.
  • Supporting the development of social skills.
  • Stimulating cognitive problem-solving skills.
  • Strengthening communication skills necessary for listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Enhancing fine motor and gross motor skills.
  • Assessing the individual needs of each child.

Brite Studios focuses on a combination of 3 key aspects of early childhood education in Preschool: academic programming, art focus (music, drama, art), and a physical activities. We enrich attending children’s lives through knowledge, play, and activity.

Our complimentary recreational programming allows us to access instructors and programs other centres are not able to afford. The nature of our physical space, both inside and out, enables us to have meaningful access to gym based programs that help set the stage for an active lifestyle.

Preschool Program

Our curriculum and our environment are designed to nurture the innate sense of curiosity and wonder that children bring into our program.

We believe that choice is important for parents. We offer a variety of programs to suit your child’s needs. This includes language programs (Spanish and French), a pure Montessori class, or a combination class using our proprietary curriculum.

Current programming choices make parents choose between academic programs and play based programs. We ask – why do you have to choose? Many preschools offer one type of curriculum. We have a proprietary method that is the combination of the best in class – we take the best parts of Montessori, Reggio, and other teaching methods to offer a proprietary program. Children are not “one size fits all” – why should the teaching method be?

The best early childhood education engages the whole child and their capabilities and interests – intellectual, social, play, the arts and physical activity.

Our preschool program explores early concepts that help set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond – through language, math, science, pre-writing and writing skills, plus gross and fine motor skills.

In addition, we know that developing and encouraging their creative sides is so important to their development. Our art and music program cultivates creativity, fosters the imagination, develops artistic understanding, appreciation, skill, and most of all – is fun filled!

Please Note: Children must be toilet trained prior to the start of the program.

Spanish and French Language Programs

Children’s ability to learn second languages during their early years is significant. During these classes, children will be taught French or Spanish for 20 minutes 3 days a week. The focus is on increasing their vocabulary through the use of materials, songs, and games.

The Calgary Board of Education advises that:

“Recent studies show that learning another language cannot only have a positive impact on your child’s first language, it actually enhances learning in all areas. Current research has shown that exposure to a second language can:

  • enhance the complexity of first-language syntax;
  • enhance language use skills (narrative strategies, reading and writing literacy skills in the first language, vocabulary scores);
  • enhance non-linguistic skills such as divergent thinking,
  • metalinguistic skills, attitudes toward others and mathematics skills

(source: Calgary Board of Education – Parent Handbook)

Our Classroom

The wide selection of materials encourages children to make choices independently and develop areas of interests. The class engages in a free exploration time, during which children can choose from several activities, working in small groups.

Staff and children work together to expand the areas of interest. Working in small groups within this supportive setting encourages children’s social and emotional growth. Throughout the day, staff will guide children to express themselves clearly and to genuinely respect their peer’s feelings. During small group work, instructors have in-depth conversations with the children to find out what topics are sparking the most interest. Then, the staff works to develop the children’s inquiries into these topics by bringing in relevant books to read and setting up information gathering exercises. Using classroom and art materials, the instructor works with the children to translate their research into two and three-dimensional artwork.

WeeMove™ – Physical Literacy Program

It’s no secret that physical activity impacts the child’s learning process. Despite this, most schools do not offer a meaningful opportunity for children to participate in physical activity. We enjoy two large, attached outdoor play areas. Half day programs are outside two to three times per week (while the weather is comfortable), while the full day programs are outside every day (except during extreme cold).

As studies have proven that getting children moving isn’t just good for health, but it also boosts cognitive skills, academic performance and mental well-being, we are proud to introduce WeeMove™.  A proprietary program to the BrightPath family, WeeMove™ was developed around this research to incorporate intentional physical fitness into the learning curriculum.

WeeMove™ is designed to engage the child on multiple levels, to make learning fun and instill a love of movement.  Set to music and generally taught outdoors, all children will participate in this program twice a day, four days a week.

Our Facility

We have a unique and beautiful space. Eighty feet of windows saturates the 3 main classrooms with natural light on the main floor. Our second floor space has large windows around the perimeter of every classroom. We use wood and other natural materials throughout with a view to providing an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Click here for a list of Program Times and Prices.